GERTC Slot Reservation Form

Please fill up this form to reserve a slot in one of GERTC's class schedules.

You must deposit the downpayment within 24 HOURS after submission to have that slot successfully reserved. To check for slot availability, please visit Failure to pay within 24 hours will not guarantee your preferred schedule and you may be asked to transfer to another class schedule.

Available slots may change without prior notice. In the event that you chose/paid for a schedule that's already closed, we will inform you asap.

You may pay through our bank accounts or pay directly at our office. If you pay via our bank accounts, please fill up the payment confirmation form after making your deposit. Please also KEEP ALL YOUR DEPOSIT SLIPS. We will need to collect them during the start of class.

Bank account details and the payment confirmation form can be found at If you pay at our office, you don't need to fill out the payment confirmation form.

After you have paid, you MUST inform us by submitting the Payment Confirmation Form found in our website Banks and payment centers don’t give us the name of depositors so we have no way of knowing if a specific person has already paid.

Only 1 Submission per Student. Please refrain from submitting multiple forms under 1 name.

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For group reservations, please indicate the number of students who are planning to enroll. For individual reservations, just indicate "1".
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For group reservations, please write the full names of all students (one line per student). For individual reservations, please type your full name.
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