Offerings to the Gods
A warm welcome, and greeting to you, My name is Hakenensenu, I am a Shemsu of the Kemetic Orthodox Practice and I am here to take anything you may want, or need, to give to the gods on your behalf, to be temporary, or to be a one-time prayer, petition to the Gods.

In the ritual, I make offerings and petition the Names for Physical and Mental strength, emotional support, and for Truth and Justice to prevail in anything you do.

I do not need full or legal names to perform this. You can give me a chosen name, a magical name, a Religious name, a screen name, even just Initials will be fine.

I will NEVER require monetary donations for prayer. If you would like to support me, you can make a donation to me, or you can select the 2$ Tier on my patreon (; this money goes towards offerings for the Gods. Including, but not limited to, food, statuettes, votive candles, iconography, ritual tools, and more.

This is NOT required to be added into the prayer pool. I will never require money for prayer

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Please make sure to specify who they are to you, and what god you are asking me to pray to for them.
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Special Intentions
If you have specific intentions you want me to petition the Gods for on your behalf, put them here.
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