SCRIPT Workshop - K-12 Computer Science Pathways
Please complete the following application to participate in the workshops on October 2-3, 2019 at University of Southern Maine in Portland. The two-day workshop will begin at 8:30am and last until 2:30pm each day. The staff will review your district's application and communicate your status shortly.

The SCRIPT workshop is designed to help ANY district plan for computer science education, regardless of their experience or inexperience with it.

In order for your district to attend, you need a minimum of three participants:
1. A School Leader - Principal, Assistant Principal, etc
2. A District Leader - Director of Curriculum, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, etc
3. Teacher
(ideally) 4. A Guidance Counselor
(ideally) 5. A Librarian
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Please list the names AND email addresses for up to 5 additional team members. Teams must include a school leader (principal, assistant principal), district leader, and teacher. In addition, a guidance counselor and librarian are often appropriate team members. *
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Please describe any computer science classes, clubs and/or curriculum offered in your district.
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Please list 2-3 goals you have for participating in the SCRIPT workshop. *
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