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Artwork by Shelley Cassidy (, Inspired by Osker Jimenez (
October 2017 marks 20 years of the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School, and we are celebrating with a Sunday like no other!
Permanent vendors are asked to RSVP in advance to secure their booth and dinner for this special market day.
NOTE: The courtyard will be completely redesigned - any permanent vendors in the R section (courtyard area) will be offered a space within the other market areas to ensure participation in this special day.

The Vendor & Staff Appreciation Dinner will follow the closing of the market (5:45-7:45PM).
Vendors will be asked to pack and lock their vehicles prior to coming up to the courtyard for the dinner.
The main gates will be closed and security will be strolling through the market area while the dinner is happening to protect your goods while you enjoy your food.

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All permanent vendors and vendors selling on October 8th are invited to the vendor appreciation dinner. What is your RSVP for the Vendor Appreciation Dinner? *
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