Continue Hack the Crisis impact by becoming a mentor in a follow-on pre-accelerator program
53+ local Hack the Crisis hacks and counting, The Global Hack, and others happening shortly.. and all teams after ask the same question - what's next?! Many of them need ongoing support to make their solution work..

Inspired by hackers and driven by our desire to help maximize the impact of these hackathons, we at Startup Wise Guys have launched a "no strings attached, equity free" Hack the Crisis - Online PreAccelerator program (a.k.a. HC-OPA):

We cannot do it alone, so we are reaching out to you - experts, masters, team-nannies, rebels, purpose and dedication driven mentors - to join our forces and help teams continue building their solutions. You can chose if you are willing to dedicate just 2h per week or a lot more. Anything counts! <3

If you are IN*, please fill the questionnaire below to help us onboard you!

*PS this is a pro-bono / good-karma activity, but we promise to make it smooth and enjoyable, as well as throwing some on-line parties (no worries, we have been running online pre-accelerators for more than a year now)
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