Community Literacy Survey
Please fill out this survey if you are the parent or guardian of one or more children ages birth to 8 and you live in Martin County. Fill out the survey only one time.
What is your zip code? *
What languages are spoken in your home? *
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
What are the ages of the children living in your home? *
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In a typical week, how often does someone (outside of childcare or school) read with your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers for 15 minutes or more? *
In a typical week, how often does someone (outside of childcare or school) read with your school-aged children (kindergarten through third grade) for 15 minutes or more? *
About how many children's books and/or magazine that your children enjoy are in your house right now? *
Which of these do you have in your home? Check all that apply. *
How often do you or someone else (outside of childcare/school) do the following things with your children? *
Tell a story
Teach or talk about letters or words
Sing songs, say poems or nursery rhymes
Play games (including games like peek-a-boo for babies and toddlers
Watch TV shows focused on learning letters, words, or reading
Have conversations
Visit the library
Visit a bookstore
Do you or another person who is responsible for your children need help with reading, writing, or speaking English in order to meet personal needs and/or the children's needs? *
Need Help
Would be interested in taking a class in this
Don't Need Help
Reading English
Writing Englsih
Speaking English
Would you be interested in participating in parent groups, classes, or workshops on how to read with children if the time and location were convenient, the cost was affordable, and childcare was provided? *
Do you know where to find reading help for your family? *
If you have a child in VPK where are they enrolled?
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If your child is not enrolled in VPK please state the reason.
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Please enter your name and email or phone number if you would like more information.
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If you would like to be involved in improving literacy in your community, check here.
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