GIS Student Survey
What is your name?
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What is your recent work/education background?
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Why do you want to learn GIS?
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What computer platform do you primarily use?
How do you rate your computer experience?
What software applications do you use?
My skills are great
My skills are good
My skills are fair
I am not familiar with it
Browser (Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.)
Word Processor (MS Word)
Presentation (MS Powerpoint)
Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox)
GIS - ArcGIS Online
GIS - ArcGIS Desktop
GPS (TomTom, Garmin, etc.)
Various Mobile SmartPhone Applications
What data files do you work with?
I am an expert with these files
I know how to use these files
I know something about these files
I am not familiar with these files
Documents (.doc, .pdf, etc)
Speadsheets (.xls, .csv, etc)
Formatted Text (.csv, .txt, .xml, .htm, etc)
Image Files (.bmp. .jpg, .gif, .tif, etc.)
Media Files (.mp3, .mp4, .avi, etc.)
ESRI GIS Shapefiles (.shp, .shx, .dbf, .prj, etc.)
ESRI GIS Geodatabases (gdb, etc.)
Google GIS (.kml, .kmz)
AutoCAD/Microstation GIS (.dwg, dgn, etc.)
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