IoES GreenShorts Student Signup Form

Thanks for being a part of the GreenShorts mentoring program!

The mentoring program will pair you with someone at UCLA working with or studying environmental science to help you develop an excellent film for the GreenShorts contest.

This form will collect some basic contact information so we can keep in touch and also ask some questions to help you and your mentor get to know each other.

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General Expectations and Mentor Program Activities
As a participant in the mentoring program, you will:

1. Participate in an introduction call to get to know your mentor
2. Attend an in-person meetup day at UCLA to meet your mentor, other students, and scientists on campus
3. Attend a filmmaking workshop to learn digital filmmaking and editing skills
4. Keep in touch with your mentor throughout the process of creating your film
4. Submit a film to the GreenShorts competition
Can you fulfill the above expectations? *
Are you planning to work on this project with a group? *
If yes, please list the names of your group members.
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