BRISWA Racism in Football Questionnaire
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A. The BRISWA project
The BRISWA project is co-financed by the European Programme Erasmus + (Project Reference: 579960-EPP-1-2016-2-IT-SPO-SCP) and aims at re-examining racism and discrimination in football, defining it in a more concise way and promote a more thorough and active approach against it.

More specifically the project aims:
- In the understanding of the situation in Europe regarding racism (with an emphasis on football) and to identify those conditions that lead to the creation and the spread of racist attitudes
- In appreciation of how these conditions interact to result in racist behaviors through the use mathematical models and simulation techniques, which will help in designing and test policies, that will combat racism, in a computing environment
- Implementing these policies starting from the young and the football academies
- The establishment and training of a new person in football associations and groups, whose role will be to identify such phenomena and the use of measures that will prevent their spread within the respective Club
- The dissemination of values and results of the project in Europe by organizing seminars and sports events.

Official website:

The Consortium:
• System Dynamics Italian Chapter (Italy)
• Academy Football club (Italy)
• University of Macedonia (Greece)
• Associatia Club Sportiv COLTEA 1920 Brasov (Romania)
• Youth Football Tournament doo (Serbia)
• Debreceni Honved Sport Egyesulet (Hungary)
• Bulgarian Sport for All Association (Bulgaria)

B. Consent Form
This study will collect data from people of all ages. Your participation involves filling out this questionnaire that examines the phenomenon of racism. It will take you approximately 10-12 minutes to complete the survey.

Your participation is this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, there will be no penalty. The answers that you give will remain confidential and you will not be individually identified in any analysis of the results of this questionnaire. All information you provide will be anonymous and will be used for the specific purposes only.
Despite the fact that there may be no direct benefit to you, your participation in this survey will expand our knowledge and understanding of the current situation of racism in Europe and to identify the main drivers of such phenomena.

If you have any questions concerning the purposes of this research study or any other questions about the subject’s validity and ethical issues you can communicate with the BRISWA partner of your country.

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