Vet Internship Application
The Vet Internship program is a course designed with the intention for players to become an accredited Vet within the RnC server. The program is a minimum of 4 weeks long, with extensions available when needed. Role-playing will be a significant part of this program as well as quizzes, tests, and projects. If accepted, the Intern will be responsible for paying their student fees. Interns will be assigned a Vet or a Lead Vet to be their Intern Instructor for the duration of their studies. Interns are expected to complete the course in a timely matter, and will be held accountable for late assignments and lack of progression.
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What is your In Game Name (IGN) (Example: AfterLcve) *
What is your Discord name? Discord is required to be a Vet Intern. (Example: love#1861) *
What is your most active time zone?  (Example: I would be most online in the PST time zone.) *
Would you be able to pay the 100k Vet Tuition upon acceptance? Or would you need a loan? *
Why do you want to become a Vet Intern? *
Why should we hire you as a vet intern?
What skill(s) can you bring to the table?
What would your greatest weakness be as a Vet Intern? *
The Vet Internship program will include speaking or listening to your vet/lead vet instructor through voice calls and discord. Do you have any reason why you could not attend these calls? *
Imagine you are accepted to be a Vet Intern and you are working with a client. The client becomes upset because their horse is in pain. How would you handle the situation? *
Imagine you are accepted to be a Vet Intern and you are working with a client. The client has decided not to pay you for treatment and demands you to treat their horse now with out paying. What do you do? *
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