2019-2020 TFBC Awana registration
Thank you for parents for having your children attend the TFBC Awana.

There are three steps to register your child for Awana
(1) Registration Form - Web or Parer
(2) Release Form - Paper only (need signature)
(3) Fees - $65/kid (Including Annual Dues, Book, Uniform, Awards, Events)
* If already have a uniform, then $50
* Duration: Sep.4.2019 ~ Jun.10.2020

The Parent / Guardian has to fill out the Parental Consent & Release of Liability form.
(Available at the lobby in Main Sanctuary)

Your Child Name *
ex) Peter Kim (Do not write down all your children's name.)
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Gender *
Date of Birth *
Your Child's Grade (From Sept of 2019) *
Parent/Guardian's Name *
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Relation to Child *
Parent/Guardian's Phone Number *
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Emergency Contact's Name *
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Emergency Contact's Phone Number *
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Your child's Allergies or Other Medical Conditions. Please explain it. *
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By clicking "I Agree" I am officially signing and stating that I have read, understood, and agreed to all disclaimers provided by TFBC Awana. *
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