🕹 Justin Wack Feedback Survey
Take this survey after you played the game for a while (totally OK not to finish it before filling this out) 👊

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What are your spontaneous thought on the game? *
Positive and negative - let it all hang out!
Did you come across any hotspot/item combinations that you felt would have made sense (or would have been funny), that wasn't "wired up" in the game?
Like when you feel that something SHOULD have worked but the game just went "That doesn't seem to work".
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Which was your favorite playable character?
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Which character (or characters) would you have liked to have seen more of?
How would you rate the story?
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How would you rate the writing (dialogue)?
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How would you rate the voice acting?
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How would you rate the graphics?
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How would you rate the music?
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All things considered - how would you rate the game? *
How much do you enjoy point & click adventure games in general? *
Where did you hear about the game?
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Anything else you wanna share?
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