Attendee Diversity and Inclusion Financial Aid form | PyCon LT 2023 
This form is meant for regular attendees, if you are a speaker, please use

Your responses will only be used to assess your interest to get financial aid.

Your replies will be deleted in two cases
- When we reject your request
- We accept your request, you attend the event and provide us with proof of attendance, invoices of flights and/or accommodation; and we reimburse your amount.

Last day to apply is 2023 May 10

Decisions to reject/accept request will be done weekly. O expect to receive your response in one week after submitting request.

Any questions?

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What diversity you represent?
Please comment, if possible, how your participation in PyCon Lithuania would help its diversity and inclusion
Would you like to get a free ticket or ticket discount? *
What amount in Euros do you expect PyCon Lithuania to cover your travel/accommodation expenses *
Did you read and agree with PyCon Lithuania Code of Conduct? *
Do you understand that PyCon Lithuania can cancel financial aid promise if we find that you provided misleading information  *
Do you understand that PyCon LT will be able to cover your travel and accommodation expenses ONLY IF you provide travel and accommodation invoices, payment verifications and other documents *
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