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What: The Youth Employment Service (YES) Summer Jobs Program puts about 180 teens to work in the community at over sixty different worksites. Jobs include camp counseling, working with local banks and offices, farming and gardening, working with food and in retail stores, working with children and the elderly, and more! Through YES, teens work up to 120 hours, usually around 20 hours per week over the course of 6 weeks. All jobs pay $11.80/hr.

Who Qualifies: All teens ages 14-20 who live within the City of Ithaca are eligible. Teens ages 14-20, living within Tompkins County who qualify for free or reduced price lunch may be eligible. First time workers living in the Town of Ithaca, Village of Cayuga Heights, Village of Lansing, and Towns of Caroline, Enfield, and Danby may be eligible. Our priority is to serve teens who are 14-15 years old and/or first-time workers who can commit to the six week work experience. If you have more than one week of vacation scheduled, worksite opportunities will be limited. Teens with extensive vacations may not be able to participate.

How: You must fill out an application, participate in an interview (which you are responsible for scheduling), and return the documents below no later than May 21st in order to enter our program. If you are hired, you will receive a phone call and/or a job offer letter in the mail. You must call to accept your job, return all required paperwork, and participate in a YES Summer Orientation before you can begin work. You will also have the opportunity to attend a paid Kickstart Training to learn important job skills before your job begins.
NOTE: Space in our program is limited by funding, and you may be placed on a waitlist before the application deadline. Apply early.

In order to be hired, you must provide the following:

-YES Application - **Due by May 21** Applicant must fill out and sign the application. A parent or guardian signature is also required on the back if the applicant is under 18.

-YES Interview - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SCHEDULING YOUR OWN INTERVIEW. To schedule an interview, call the YES office at 273-1849 or visit the YES table during outreach at lunch.

-References - YES must be able to contact a minimum of two of your references. Please provide current and accurate contact information for your references on your YES Application.

-Work Permit - Issued by the school nurse if your physical is up to date and you fill out a request form. **NOTE: If you turned 16 since your last job, you will need a new work permit.**

-Social Security Card - We just need a copy. Not needed if you have previously worked with YES.

-Photo ID - School ID or School Tool printout is okay. We just need a copy. Not needed if you have previously worked with YES.

-**TSYEP Form - Attached. Only for teens who qualify for free or reduced price lunch. Your family may also have to provide income-related documents.

YES prioritizes hiring teens who provide all of the necessary documentation quickly. The sooner we receive your paperwork, the more likely you are to get your first choice for a summer job.


YES is a job and a program. By accepting a job offer from YES, you agree to work the days and times you are scheduled to work with minimal absences. Additionally, you are expected to participate in our program by attending a mandatory YES orientation, attending at least two hours of paid YES workshops, meeting with your YES Rep to discuss your job every week, and completing two self-evaluations and an end of job reflection. The YES team will support you through every step of our program and every aspect of your job.

Please report any scheduling conflicts to YES as soon as they arise.

March 16
YES begins scheduling interviews for the Summer Jobs Program. NOTE: Space in our program is limited by funding.

May 8-June 12
During this time, the YES team meets to match the teens we’ve interviewed with the perfect worksite. We match in order of when we received all of your necessary documents (see front). After each matching session, we mail job offer letters. TEENS MUST CALL THE YES OFFICE TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE THEIR JOB OFFER.

May 21
Applications received after the deadline are likely to be referred to other organizations or be placed on our summer waitlist.

June 4-26
(various dates are available within this timeframe)
Every YES Worker MUST attend a MANDATORY YES Orientation to complete tax paperwork and learn about important work-related policies. If a teen is unable to attend the orientation session they’ve been scheduled for, they must call the YES office to reschedule.

June 29-July 3
(you will be paid to attend)
Teens will be scheduled to attend a Kickstart Training to learn the basic skills they will need for their summer job. If you cannot attend your Kickstart Training, you MUST attend an alternate paid workshop offered over the course of the summer. NOTE: Kickstart Trainings are NOT a replacement for meeting with your supervisor before your summer job begins, and they do NOT replace onsite training provided by your specific worksite.

June 29-July 10
Most summer jobs begin within the first two weeks of July. Contact your supervisor to confirm your start date.

August 7 - 28
Most YES placements last for approximately six weeks and end within the first two weeks of August. Contact your supervisor to confirm your end date.

1 James L. Gibbs Dr. | 273-1849 | | | @yesithaca
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