I won’t be able to attend, or might not attend, JoCo Cruise 2020.
This form is intended for gathering information about guests who either will not attend JoCo Cruise 2020, or believe they may not be able to attend. At this late date, the JoCo Cruise Cancelation Policy precludes any refunds.
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I was NOT denied boarding by Holland America Line for health reasons or travel restriction.
I understand that if I WAS denied boarding for health reasons or travel restriction I do not need to complete this form, and should instead review the following FAQ for instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rpw7bcq0ByqjrlVoAN8TAJSZuv9WQRwL/view
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I have read the JoCo Cruise FAQ item titled 'HELP! I missed (or am going to miss) the ship! What do I do now?' https://jococruise.com/faq/#help-i-missed-or-am-going-to-miss *
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