The Jeanie Project: Pro Bono Adviser Volunteer Application
PLEASE READ: To complete this form you MUST be either a registered solicitor or barrister in England and Wales and provide us with your Solicitors Regulation Authority number or Bar Council number to hand. You CANNOT apply otherwise.

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Completion of this form does not formally commit you to any pro bono work.
1. I understand that in order to apply to be a Pro Bono Adviser, I MUST be either: a practising solicitor registered with the SRA in England Wales; or a practising barrister registered with the Bar Council of England and Wales. You CANNOT apply otherwise. *
2. Title
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4. Surname
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6. Phone number
7. Position / job title (in current organisation)
8. Name of firm / chambers / organisation
9. Are you a: *
10. Please provide your relevant registration number (i.e. SRA number or Bar Council membership number) *
11. Number of years qualified
12. Legal areas able to advise on
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13. Anticipated capacity per months to volunteer (hours)
14. If you are a solicitor in a law firm, please confirm that your firm has approved this application (leave blank if not applicable)
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15. How did you hear about The Jeanie Project?
16. The Jeanie Project is seeking feedback and input from a number pro bono advisers as the project progresses. Would you be interested in contributing in this way?
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17. I understand that all Pro Bono Advisers volunteering for The Jeanie Project are required to adhere to The Joint Pro Bono Protocol for Legal Work (accessible at: *
18. I am aware of my professional obligation not to undertake work outside my competence and confirm that I will not take on cases through The Jeanie Project that I am not competent to advise on. *
19. I understand that pro bono legal work must not be undertaken without appropriate insurance and that The Jeanie Project does not insure my pro bono activity. I confirm that I have the necessary insurance arrangements in place. *
20. The Jeanie Project has measures in place to protect your data and to ensure it is kept safe. The Jeanie Project is the “Data Controller” and we determine how your data will be used. By ticking the box below you have consented to being informed about volunteering opportunities and other relevant information to ensure we can provide you with these opportunities in a secure and effective manner. You may unsubscribe at any time, by emailing from the email address you signed up with, using Unsubscribe in the subject line. *
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