J.A. Flying Club Presentation - RSVP
Please take a moment to complete this brief, preliminary survey as it will allow us to better facilitate your aviation needs. The information you provide will remain completely anonymous and only be used to afford our valued customers with a more relevant level of service. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

If you do not wish to complete the survey, but would like to attend the event, RSVP with your name/email (the last question on this page) and click submit at the bottom.

Your aviation family at J.A. Air Center

How often do you typically fly?
Which statement best describes your flying habits?
What certificate do you currently hold?
How many hours per year do you typically fly?
How far do you go on a typical mission?
In what type of flying do you typically engage?
Which statement best describes your feelings toward fractional aircraft ownership?
How comfortable are you having JA manage your aircraft?
Not at all
Extremely comfortable
What aspect(s) of a flying club interest you most?
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Which of the following aicraft is most beneficial to your operations?
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In your experience, how would you rate JA's level of service?
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