Meditation Challenge + Daily Bliss: Quick Survey
I’m working on recording some brand new meditations and creating new products and I’d love your input! Can you please take 2 minutes to answer these quick questions:
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Are you interested in longer (> 5 minute) guided meditations from Vanessa? *
If yes, what’s your ideal length?
What topics most interest you for guided meditations? What would you like to see more of? (check your top 3-5 choices)
Would you like to join a live Q&A or live guided meditation with Vanessa?
If Vanessa offered a short "fireside chat" along with a daily meditation, would you be interested in listening to a 10-20 minute audio related to the meditation topic?
What other topics or programs would you like to learn about most? What else can we create for you?
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What are your top two questions about how to Create Work You Love? *
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If I were to offer something called "The Daily Bliss" what would you hope that would include?
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