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Please answer the following questions honestly to be included in the yearbook. Inappropriate answers will not be included.
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Does your family do the same thing each year of fall break, or is every year different? *
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What did you do over fall break? Where did you go and for how long? Who did you go with? *
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Do you have pictures from the trip you went on that you would be willing to share with us to add into the yearbook? If so, please send to
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What did you do over Thanksgiving break? Where did you go, for how long, and with who? *
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Do you have an traditions for Thanksgiving break? If so, what are they? *
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Did you like having the whole week off for Thanksgiving? *
Did you go to the Mousetrap Performance? *
Did you guess who the murderer was? Were you correct? *
Do you regularly go to school performances? Why or why not?
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Did you go to Q-Man? *
Did you race? *
Did you volunteer for Q-Man? If so, with what club/organization? *
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Have you participated in the race before? *
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