2018 Second Wind Awards
Our annual banquet celebrates the accomplishments of our club, and we want to share the best stories of the runners in our community at the banquet. We have decided to refresh our award designations to better meet that goal. Our new award categories have parallels to the old awards, but with a new twist and approach, we hope to see a more diverse set of club members honored with their stories being told at the annual banquet.

Guidelines: You may nominate any club member for any award. The Board will review all submissions and select winners. Self nominations are permitted. All awards will be presented at our annual banquet on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

Please note the awards are NOT gender specific anymore. The Board may choose to give an award twice in a year.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, December 11, 1pm.

1. Runner of the Year: the old standby. An award for all-around running excellence.

2. 4th Place: For the runner who is never ​on the podium but trains just as hard.

3. My Mentor: Do you run with someone who makes a huge impact on your running life?

4. Destination Unknown: This is for the best story of a race a runner traveled to!

5. High Mileage Engine: For the runner who churns out miles like it's going out of style.

6. Orange and Blue: Most supportive of the Illinois Marathon weekend.

7. Trendsetter: Which runner will lead the next running fad/craze and what will it be?

8. Most consistent: This is for someone who is always on pace, always running, and seems to know their own body when it comes to running.

9. New Runner of the Year: New to running, new to Second Wind, or both, this person exemplifies the ways running makes us be the best version of ourselves.

10. Volunteer of the year: For the person who is always stepping up to help the club!

Award you are nominating someone for:
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