Help the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank Help You!
What is the name of the organization that provides STL Diaper Bank diapers for you? (If you receive diapers from more than one location, please name the organization where you receive diapers most often)
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How many times have you gotten diapers from this organization?
Have you ever gotten diapers from any other organization? If so, which one(s)?
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About how many days each month do you feel you don't have enough diapers to change your child as often as you'd like?
When you don't have enough diapers, what do you do? (check all that apply)
When you don't have enough diapers, which of these things do you experience? (check all that apply)
Check any of the statements below that are true for your family:
When I get diapers from the Diaper Bank... (check all that apply)
If you buy diapers, about how much do you think you spend on them per month?
How many children do you have in diapers?
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How many adults (18+) live in your household right now?
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How many children (under 18) live in your household right now?
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How much money do you earn each month?
Which of these things are you maybe interested in learning more about? Check all that apply
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