FreioMusic's Remix Contest Entry Form!! (closes Sept 23rd at noon PacificTime)
Hosted By FreioMusic. Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn is the song. This is the entry form for musicians interested in being entered into the contest. The entree fee is $0 and your hard work! We are not making money thus, please do not expect any cash rewards (Yet!). The winner will receive additional exposure and marketing complementary of FreioMusic & friends.
Fill out this form, E-Mail your remix.. Good Luck to All!

PS. There are more prizes that have not been announced which will lead to additional exposure as well.

Eligibility + Requirements
Terms and Conditions:
The person (Artists) who submits their song for entry must be 18 years of age or older (18+). FreioMusic welcomes international entries! Upon submission you recognize and acknowledge the terms and conditions provided. FreioMusic recognizes that the nature of a remix is for work to be recycled. If you choose to add in or remix in any way a previously recorded work, you must cite the proper copyright holder and provide a link to their work. FreioMusic is not responsible and not to be held liable for the material submitted to this contest. FreioMusic may quote or paraphrase answers provided on this form.
*FreioMusic will not sell the participant's song in any way or form. FreioMusic reserves the right to terminate and not allow participants if their behavior or music violates FreioMusic's Philosophy.

Must sample/Remix/Cover - Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn (30+ Seconds or more = Required)
Any Genre, Have Fun!

the FreioMusic Team

Questions or Concerns? Contact:

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