/r/rabbits user flair

Please fill out the form below for /r/rabbits flair requests. Current list of flairs at http://wabbitwiki.com/flair-list.html

Please use the flair list names from the link above in the request below to expedite your request. (e.g. lop-ag heart s-ag)

If you only want a single rabbit as your flair, you can choose it when logged into the desktop page on /r/rabbits. You should see a checkbox on the right sidebar to 'Show my flair on this subreddit.' Use the edit button next to your username below that line to select a rabbit flair. You may continue to request a unique rabbit in the request box below if you cannot find a rabbit like yours in the list.

Please understand that this is a very manual and time-consuming process for the mods, and custom requests are unlikely to be fulfilled in the near future. Your patience is appreciated.

If you have any comments or questions, message /u/sneaky_dragon.

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