Pre-Launch Team Questionnaire
Thank you for showing interest in being part of "The Heart That Heals" launch team. By answering these questions, you will help me know if you are able and willing to partner with me in the details and actions required to launch this new book.
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To be a part of the launch team, you will need to have your Instagram set to public on your profile, so that others can hear/see you share about the book. Will that be possible for you as a launch team member? *
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By becoming a launch member, you will receive a PDF of The Heart That Heals for free. (You can Google how to open PDFs in Kindle if you'd like to do that.) In exchange for this, will you agree to intentionally post on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (if you have Twitter) through post(s) and stories for IG and FB? (More info will be given when the team is selected.) *
Finally, will you commit to praying over The Heart That Heals? I want readers to find Jesus waiting for them on every page. I want the promises of His faithfulness and steadfast love to scream above the waves of the storm they are in. Will you please pray over this book with me?
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