Devon and Cornwall Archery Society AGM 2020
Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic, and the associated restrictions to control the spread of the virus, the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Devon and Cornwall Archery Society will be held as a virtual meeting online using the Go To Meeting platform on Sunday 22nd November 2020 starting at 2.00pm.

If you want to attend the AGM, send apologies, nominate a member of the committee, ask a question or propose a matter to the chairman to consider for the agenda, please let us know using the following survey.

We appreciate that you will have had a survey from AGB about your club's current arrangements, but as we are not always provided with the outcome of responses in national surveys, it would be really helpful if you could also answer a few questions about your current activities.
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If you are a club committee member or volunteer in any other capacity please indicate your role here.
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If you want to join the AGM please provide an Email address
Would you like to nominate anyone to the Committee for 2021? Please state the role(s) you are nominating for and the name(s) of who you are nominating. Please check anyone you nominate is willing to be nominated.
Do you have any questions for the current committee?
Do you have any issues you would like the Chairman to consider putting on the agenda for the meeting?
Was your club open prior to the current lockdown?
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Was you club open to visitors from other clubs prior to the current lockdown?
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Has your club run any beginners courses since April?
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Is your club planning any open competitions in 2021? We want to make sure the dates are fixed in our County Calendar and try to avoid multiple events happening on the same dates. So even if you can't be sure if they will go ahead, please let us know any events you hope to run in 2021 and the dates.
Archery GB are emphasising the need for clubs to have a Welfare/Safeguarding Officer please let us know who this is in your club.
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