Reviewing Application - 2022
Ready to join our team as a theatre reviewer? We would love to hear from you!!

Since launching our reviewing arm on our website in January 2019 we have covered over 1400 shows, Covid not withstanding, and grown to a team of over 50 volunteer writers around the country, and in the US. We have quickly become one of the most active reviewing platforms in Australia ensuring that we try rarely to miss a show that we are invited to. We cover all live events - from the biggest theatres to the shows in backyards...if you're performing, we want to be there!

It takes an army to make that happen though and so we are currently seeking new reviewers across the country to join our team.

WE ARE MOST IN NEED OF SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE BASED REVIEWERS AT THE MOMENT but please feel free to apply from anywhere in Aus if you are keen to start reviewing.

Please read the below carefully before applying and if it sounds like you, please fill in the form and we will be in touch.

Thank you!!

Things To Know:
- All of our reviewers are volunteers. We arrange for your tickets to the show to be complimentary in exchange for the review but as a completely unfunded, unsubsidised platform, no money is exchanged for the review. Many of our writers work within the industry, equally, many are just great lovers of theatre. We welcome everyone passionate about live arts to apply.

- Our reviews are generally 500-800 words as a ball park number. They can go over this number, but rarely do they come in under (comedy has a 400 word minimum due to the fact that more often than not there are no production elements to discuss - eg. costume, lighting, sound, set). Reviews are due within 48 hours of seeing the show but we do request that they are sent as fast as possible of course!

- All reviews are published on 

- We have many Publicity agencies, theatre companies and artists that we work with. Once we receive the invitation, the reviewing opportunity is posted in our contributors Facebook group. From there you have the opportunity to select what you put your name down for.

- We ask everyone to commit to an average of 2 reviews a month. Some months you may take on a lot more - especially during festival times - and other months may be quiet, but please anticipate that being the average. We only review shows that we are invited to, not shows that an individual has purchased a ticket to. In this way, we keep it fair for all artists and reviewers.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email for clarification prior to applying.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your application

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Are there any styles mentioned above that you would say are your area of expertise? Eg. Are you a ballet fiend or a musical theatre nut? If you are trained in any of the above styles, we would love to hear about it!
What is your theatre experience? Do you attend a lot? Do you enjoy going but wish you could see more? Are you often in shows yourself? Did you train in these arts?Do you need an escape sometimes from your regular work and hence go to the theatre? Is this all brand new to you? Etc...tell us a bit about your experience with theatre and what you like/love about it. *
Do you work in the theatre industry (even volunteering) - over 80% of our writers are involved in the industry in some capacity and we welcome that! We see this as peer reviewing! We also have plenty of writers who just love theatre as a hobby and welcome you too!!
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Are you able to commit to an average of 2 reviews a month (some months we don't have that many invites that you would need to do this many, other months we have lots more, etc) *
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Samples of Work
Below we ask for some samples of your writing. This can be on any topic, just something to give us a feel for who you are and how you write. At Theatre Travels, we believe that the goal of our reviews is to encourage more people to see more theatre and as such, our reviews are intentionally very accessible, light and quick to read. With this in mind, we recommend steering clear of an academic sample of writing as your example below.

If you have written something that has been published elsewhere, please feel free to just provide a URL in the box below.

If you have never written anything, that is absolutely fine!! Please take this time now to write about ideally the last theatre production you saw, and if not, a movie or tv show that you have watched recently. Please submit approx 250 words.

If you have written a piece but it has not been published, please select your favourite part and submit 250 words of it.

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We will be reading through all applications and getting in touch ASAP

Please double check that your email address is correct before submitting. We often get typos in the email box and then have no way to contact you.

If circumstances change and you no longer want to be considered, please contact asap to withdraw your application.

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Thank you in advance!
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