2020-21 BETA Returning Members Application
To continue your service with the Senior Beta Club, this registration form must be submitted by 4:00
p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2020. There is no registration fee for returning members. However, you will need to pay local fees of $10. Be advised we have increased service hours to 35 per semester (I WILL WORK WITH ALL OF YOU TO MEET THIS GOAL)!

Failure to submit this form and payment by Friday, September 25, 2020, will result in loss of
Full Name (Last Name, First Name) - NO NICKNAMES *
T-Shirt Size *
Will you be able to commit to 35 services hours per semester (We will work with individuals who need to meet this criteria)? *
I understand this form is not valid until I pay the local fees of $10. I also understand the amount of service hours has increase (Read introduction). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR REMIND! *
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