MATH 232 Policy Check
Feel free to look up any of the answers on the class website ( while completing this policy check.

Please take and retake this quiz until you have 100% mastery on all questions.
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Your grade in this course will be based on your best scores on 18 Mastery Quizzes, one for each section of the course. When is the first opportunity to take the Section 4.2 Mastery Quiz? *
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Let's say you've taken the Section 4.2 Mastery Quiz and want to improve your score. When is the first opportunity you will have to retake this Mastery Quiz? *
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Okay, you did better on the Section 4.2 Mastery Quiz the second time, but your score is a 2/3 and you would like to improve it to a perfect mastery of 3. Can you retake this Mastery Quiz again, and if so, how? *
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While you're waiting for a Retake opportunity for the Section 4.2 Mastery Quiz, how should you prepare? *
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Let's say that you want to have a B for the course, and that you are going into the final exam with 3 points on seven of the Mastery Quizzes, 2 points on eight of the Mastery Quizzes, and 1 point on each of the remaining three Mastery Quizzes. Can you earn a B for the course, and if so, how do you have to perform on the Final Exam Retakes in order to get that B? *
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