Integrated Skills Program 2
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L2T1H - Building conversations
In this lesson, you're going to practise asking and answering conversation questions about things you watch.
Task One: Let's do a quiz with some words to help us talk about today's topic. Choose the best word or words to complete each sentence.
1. Another word for a film is a _____ .
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2. A lot of _____ live in Hollywood.
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3. Tablets, phones and computers are _____ .
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4. To _____ to a YouTube channel means to start following it.
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5. There was a great TV _____ about life on Mars on TV last night.
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6. Watch this video _____. It's really funny.
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7. The _____ is the part of a TV or phone that shows moving images.
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8. My friend and I are going to start a YouTube _____ about speaking English.
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Task Two: Watch the video and practise answering the questions.
Task Three: Choose the right words to complete the five questions.
1. Do you _____ video clips, TV programs, or movies?
Answer: I prefer watching movies.
2. _____ your favourite YouTube channel?
Answer: My favourite YouTube channel is T-Series.
3. _____ your favourite movie star?
Answer: My favourite movie star is Emma Watson.
4. How many YouTube channels do you _____?
Answer: I subscribe to 30 channels.
5. Who do you like _____ movies with?
Answer: I like watching them with my best friend.
Task Four: Sam is asking Jennifer some questions about things she likes watching. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
1. Do you prefer watching things on a big screen or on a small device?
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2. What kind of TV programs don’t you like at all?
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3. Who’s your favourite YouTuber?
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4. How many movies do you watch a month?
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5. What new movie do you most want to see and why?
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Task Five: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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