The 2020 Leopard, the yearbook of Lovejoy HS, is sold out. Please complete the following form if you are interested in purchasing a copy should we have any come available. We cannot guarantee that we will receive any extra books, as we have already sold through our inventory. In the event we have any press overruns with our shipment, we may be able to release them for purchase on a limited basis.
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If we can sell a book to you, we will mail it to you. There will be no pick-up option at the school. Please give us the address you want us to mail it to. *
Your format should be like the school address example: 2350 Estates Parkway, Lucas, TX 75002
We cannot guarantee that we will have any press overruns left to sell. However, in the event we do, we will contact those on this waiting list--via the email listed--for purchasing instructions. They will be $85 paid online. Further instructions will be given on the email. *
Please make sure all your information is filled out correctly before you submit. If this form is incomplete or incorrect, we will not contact you.
Thank you for your interested in our yearbook! We are hoping that there will be some press overruns with our shipment we can release for you to purchase! Fingers crossed!
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