DCGFFL 2019 Travel Registration
Please direct any questions requiring clarification on this form to <dcgffltravel@gmail.com>.

- Registration will close March 26 at 11:59pm.
- Players are selected by captains in a sequential draft by team: Senators pick 1st (women only), Generals pick 2nd, Admirals pick 3rd, Commanders pick 4th, and Delta Force picks 5th. If drafted, a player must play for the team that selects them.
- Players registered for the open division teams not selected during the initial draft will be placed in an undrafted pool of players and may be selected by a captain as needed during the course of the season to fill any roster vacancies (e.g. due to injury or other unforeseen circumstance preventing an existing player from playing).
- A supplemental draft will be held between Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl. To be eligible for this draft, the player must have registered for the initial draft and not been drafted, or otherwise be a new player.
- After submitting this form, if a player wishes to rescind registration and opt out of the initial draft, the player must do so before the initial draft (expected March 30 pending captain availability).

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Eligibility: Were you either playoff eligible in one of the 2018 DCGFFL regular seasons or are currently registered and expect to be playoff eligible this season? (Exception: Women's team candidates need not meet this requirement) *
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(Optional) Should there be any openings this year, would you be interested in applying to be a Captain?
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