The Homes I Have Made Reader Survey 2016
I love sharing ideas, tips and tricks that not only work for our family but also help you create more organized, functional and pretty spaces in your own homes! Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide invaluable feedback to help make THIHM even more useful and inspiring in 2017!
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This past year, I launched "The Organization Toolbox" - a collection of 100+ FREE printable pages in a password-protected library. What do you think of this resource? *
This year, I also launched the Conquer Your Kitchen Crash Course - a 5-week email course to help de-clutter and organize you kitchen. Would you like to see similar intensive email organization courses offered in the future? *
If yes, what kind of organization courses would you like to see offered?
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This year, I started sending out an email newsletter; however I struggled with identifying the right frequency. How often would you like to hear from me via email? *
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