Seminar in Europe
The Liberal Arts department offers an exciting opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to complete graduation requirements overseas. Seminar in Europe exposes students to the art of featured regions within the broader context of European history and artistic culture. Note: Extensive walking is a required component of this program.
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Study Abroad Prerequisites
Please tell us more about the Art History classes you've taken to date.
While abroad, students learn in non-traditional environments, such as museums and galleries.
Which Art History classes have you taken, are currently enrolled in, or will take before the Intersession Abroad begins?
Having completed one Art History class with a C- or better is required for UG students. GRAD students do not have an Art History prerequisite. Check all that apply.
What is your first (native) language?
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If English is not your first (native) language, which ESL classes have you completed? (Non-native speakers of English only)
Non-native Speakers of English must complete EAP 4 (UG) or 604 (GR)
What is your current GPA, if known? (minimum 2.75 required for all students. If you don't know, no worries! Skip this question & continue)
Please discuss & confirm GPA with your Advisor
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While studying abroad is a culturally rewarding and fun experience, it is academically challenging and should not be equated with personal or leisure travel. Students are in class full time during the day, and although there is free time in the evenings, homework is an integral part of the study abroad experience.
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Students collaborate on homework assignments in a hotel lobby during their evening free time.
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