Teacher Pre-Interview Questionnaire
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Thank you for your interest in the open teacher position at Confident Voice Studio. Please complete the below questionnaire so we may get to know you and your skills better before scheduling an interview.
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If we were to select you for this position and you could ask for three promises we'd make to you, regarding working here, what would you ask for? *
Describe your piano experience as a player and a teacher.
Describe your voice experience as a singer and a teacher.
Describe your guitar experience as player and a teacher.
Describe your ukulele experience as player and a teacher.
Have you ever worked as an Independent Contractor (1099) before?
Where are you teaching right now? Do you have private students or teach at another school?
What are you known for?
What are your favorite genres of music to perform?
What’s the most interesting thing about you that I wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?
What would the ideal teaching hours be for you? *
What is your primary instrument?
What instruments are you prepared to teach?
What’s your specialty as a teacher?
What's your specialty as a performer?
What are your goals for the next three years?
If you were provided with a proven curriculum, and training or support, which of the below would you be interested in teaching?
What kind of personal development experiences or trainings have you been a part of? Any favorite teachers/speakers in this realm?
Which of your previous jobs was the most satisfying and why?
What are some of the things your last employer could have done to keep you?
Last question. :-) What are you most proud of?
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