QMT 2023-2024 Season Director Application
Thank you for your interest in directing a show in our 2023-2024 Season! 
Please fill out the form below AND email your applicable theatre / work resume, the resumes 
of any proposed staff, as well any relevant additional documents such as a proposed 
If you would like to see a perusal script, please request one by email.

Director proposals are due by June 16, 2023

What QMT is looking for in a Director:

- Excellent communication skills
- Strong ability to use email, online calendars, Facebook, and other means of communication to coordinate with actors, production staff, and the theatre.
- Budget awareness. Putting on a musical is a lot of moving parts! And many of them cost money, so being aware of what money is being spent where is crucial.
- Willingness to work in an open, creative environment and ability to accept input from other team members.
- Zero tolerance for any discrimination or harassment.
- Commitment to actor safety, which includes the ability to act quickly and decisively in the best interest of any actor should the need arise. Actor safety is our highest priority.
- Strong problem-solving skills.
- Ability to manage a production team (i.e., stage manager, choreographer, costumer, sound and lighting designers, set designer, and music director) and position them to do their best work.
- Ability to manage a large cast and position them to do their best work.

Stipend:  Director stipend is $1,000. No allowances are available for travel, food or housing.
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Answer the following questions about the summer intensive and yourself. This gives QMT a chance to get to know you a bit better,  both as a person and as a potential director. Think of it as a written interview where QMT can get an idea of how well you would fit with intensive.
Which show are you wanting to direct?
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Why are you interested in directing the show? *
Tell us your ideas about the show.  Licensing often restricts changes to the script, location, genders, etc., but what is your vision? *
Do you foresee any technical challenges with the show?  And if so, do you have ideas on how to address them? *
Do you already have a production team that has agreed to do this show? If you do, list them below along with their positions. Having production staff is not required, but is an excellent first step. QMT will help the show find all necessary staff. *
Please describe your directing style.
What valuable lesson have you learned from past directing (or another job) that you now know to avoid?
If you have Director or Assistant Director experiences, please list them here. Please include production name, approximate date and location. If you have not directed a production before, please list relevant experience both in theater and or other areas.
Please describe any other theatrical experience and/or training that would be relevant to the intensive.
Anything else you would like to add?
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