COVID-19 Artists/Freelancers/Gig Workers Support
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Hello there,

Thanks for coming to this google doc and being willing to support independent freelancers, gig workers, shift workers, sex workers, artists and other individuals impacted by COVID-19 gig cancelations. 48 hours into it, and I have witnessed over $1,000 getting distributed throughout the people on this list in small amounts, and I hope there’s even more money getting to the people on this list that I don’t know about directly.


I ask that if you have a salaried job and are on work from home, you pick a different person off this list below every day and send them a minimum of $5-10 instead of the money you’d spend on transportation/coffee/food/otherwise be spending out and about in the world. If you can afford more, by all means do so, it’ll be crucial to keeping people housed and healthy during this pandemic.

In addition to giving funds, please follow linked accounts, boost their work on social media, buy prints/stickers, stream their music on paid streaming platforms, hire them for anything you can. It all adds up collectively.

In my observations, white people tend to have their fundraisers be more successful than those of Black and brown people, with Black trans people often being the least financially supported in members of our communities, so please be mindful and prioritize accordingly.

To get on the list: fill out the form on the next page. :)

LGBTQ+ family, Black people, other people of color, Indigenous people, disabled people, immigrants, drug users, survival sex workers and anyone living at the intersection of multiple identities named to the front, but anyone impacted can participate.

If you are on this list and you feel like you’ve gotten enough donations to survive, please let me know and I’ll take it off so we can prioritize others who are struggling.

Also, check our this resource list for freelancers impacted by COVID-19

Thank you for loving and supporting members of our community.
Love and gratitude,
Instagram: @tkgphoto
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