Flying Cross Farm COVID 19 Arrival Screening
The following screening questions are meant to detect early signs of COVID-19. Our intent is to ensure that Flying Cross Farm employees, boarders, competitors, and volunteers are not unnecessarily exposed to COVID-19.
Email address *
First and Last Name *
Do you have a fever greater than 99.5F or do you feel feverish *
What is your current temperature? *
Have you experienced chills or repeated shaking chills within the past 48 hours? *
Do you have a persistent cough that has started or gotten worse in the last 48 hours? *
Do you have shortness of breath that started in the last 48 hours? *
Are you experiencing generalized muscle pains that started or have gotten worse in the last 48 hours? *
Have you experienced sudden onset loss of sense of taste or smell in the past 48 hrs? *
Do you have a sore throat that started or has gotten worse in the last 48 hours? *
Have You had any close contact with anyone who has exhibited symptoms of, or who has tested positive for COVID 19 in the last 14 days? ***Exception: Healthcare personnel who have treated patients using appropriate medical-gradePPE during the course of performing professional duties are exempted from this restriction.
Clear selection
I hereby attest that the information is accurate, true and complete and I understand that any falsification or omission may result in expulsion from farm property and permanent ban from facility including horse shows, clinics, and lessons. If any answers to the above questions are "yes"/positive, do NOT enter farm property. Thank you! *
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