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As of January 2022, WKNC no longer accepts emailed submissions for airplay consideration. Instead, please use this form to share your music with the appropriate music directors.
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Please provide your name as you would like it to appear on our online playlist.
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WKNC gives special consideration to bands/artists based in North Carolina.
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WKNC programs its music based on four formats. This question directs your submission to the appropriate music director. If your submission represents multiple genres, pick the one that fits best.
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Please provide the name of your song/album as would like it to appear on our online playlist.
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Please provide a Dropbox or Google Drive link with your music attached. WAV files are preferred, but MP3s are acceptable. Make sure permissions are shareable. For Google Drive, this means you need to select "Get Link" and for Dropbox you need to select "Share a link instead/Can view" (see images below). Links to YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify cannot be downloaded by the music directors and will not be considered.
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FCC Violations/Unedited Song(s) *
Please emphasize if your song or album is not FCC clean and would need to be edited for airplay. View prohibited lyrics at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PqKMTGjDxx7S3mfDBBUpyY0jojmyzQhH/view?usp=sharing. If song(s) are clean, type clean in the box below.
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