Nicotine Research Lab: E-Cig Study

This study is part of a project investigating short-term effects of electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) on reducing smoking behavior, craving for cigarettes, and withdrawal. We are looking for smokers who are already interested in quitting. Note that this is not a treatment study.

However, everyone who completes this study will have the option of free nicotine patches (such as Nicoderm) and brief counseling to help them quit permanently. You would not be required to return for these visits if you decide after the end of the study that you wanted to quit on your own.

The research study is composed of 2 study phases that are each 1 week long, with a week of smoking as usual in between for a total study length of 3 weeks. You will come to the lab for all 5 weekdays (Mon-Fri) during the week of each phase. Most visits will last about 10-15 minutes with one visit each phase lasting about 45 minutes. During each phase you would be asked to try as hard as you can to quit smoking for 4 days. E-cigarettes that may or may not contain nicotine will be provided to you to use on a daily basis during the study.

Please note that the sessions are only scheduled between 11AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday.

Prior to beginning the study there would also be an introductory session to further determine eligibility.

Compensation will be provided for each visit and participants will be paid upon completion of the entire 3-week study.

We want to emphasize that this study is only for smokers who are already interested in quitting.

Please fill out the following questions to determine your eligibility for this smoking study.