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Training Seminar Countering Hate Speech using BOOKMARKS, the manual for combating hate speech through human rights education

11- 13 December 2016
Bucharest, Romania

Background information

The No Hate Speech Movement is a youth campaign by the Council of Europe mobilising young people to combat hate speech on and offline and to act for human rights. From 2013 to 2015 Member States set up National Campaigns 1 while participating in the European campaign to gain a better understanding of the issues young people are concerned with and develop ways forward to counter this challenge to human rights and democracy.

In May 2015, in the framework of the Action Plan on the fight against violent extremism and radicalisation leading to terrorism, the Committee of Ministers decided to continue the No Hate Speech Movement campaign until 2017. The campaign remains driven by the need to counter online hate speech in all its forms, including those that most affect young people, such as cyberbullying and cyberhate, racism and other forms of discrimination. The campaign is based upon human rights education, youth participation and media literacy.

Following the announced prolongation, many national campaign committees have renewed their membership, national coordinator and programme of activities for 2016-2017. To enhance the support given to the implementation of the Campaign at national level and to increase its visibility among grassroots level, Romanian Ministry for Youth and Sport launched an open call for selecting new youth NGOs for becoming part of the National Campaign Committee. The No Hate Speech Campaign “Fara Ura” became the driven vector image for the key institutional activities ran since Romanian NCC was re-established, in July this year.

To strengthen the quality and impact of the educational and campaign activities of the neighbouring countries as well and for sharing the national challenges, a three days training seminar will be organised from 11 to 13 December in Bucharest, Romania by the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport with the support of Council of Europe Youth Department.

Aim and Objectives

The training seminar aims to build participants’ competences to combat hate speech online and promote human rights on- and offline through human rights education and campaigning.

At the end of the seminar participants will have:
- Strengthened their competences to address hate speech through human rights education, using Bookmarks and other tools;
- Developed their competence in working with human right education educational methodology;
- Shared and learnt from each other’s work, good practices and challenges;
- Developed competences to document and evaluate campaign initiatives and promote their visibility;
- Acquired knowledge of the approach of the Council of Europe to hate speech as a human rights issue;

Expected outcomes of the training course are, for the participants:
- Ability to use Bookmarks as resource in setting up educational and awareness raising campaign initiatives;
- Developed follow-up actions involving the stakeholders of the campaign that:
- Strengthen the National Campaigns in the participant countries;
- Strengthen regional cooperation between national campaigns and partners.
- Ability to use online tools for campaigning;
- Thorough knowledge of the Council of Europe work on hate speech and the campaign;

Profile of Participants

The training seminar is targeted towards campaign activists, youth workers, educators and campaign coordinators from Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania within the framework of the national campaigns.

The training seminar will invite maximum 35 campaign activists, youth workers, educators and campaign coordinators involved in the No Hate Speech Movement at national level from Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

Draft Programme
The programme of the training seminar will cover five main areas:
- Understanding the role of human rights education in combatting hate speech
- How to use Bookmarks as a tool, and develop human rights education activities based on it.
- Using the online campaign tools.
- Developing local and regional campaign and education activities to strengthen the national campaigns.
- Group building activities and evaluation of the course.

The methodological approach of Bookmarks will be central in the course. The course will also be built around the expectation that participants will put in practice their learning by developing and implementing activities that will strengthen the national campaigns and the regional cooperation..

Contact person:
Kateryna Zeziulina, +3809776407727, +380939535160, miks,

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