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Online Part-time Internship
Job Title: Social Media Intern
Job Location: Online Internship | Via Skype

Job Description:

MUBUTV™ is a new online music industry news themed and original content network that examines several areas of today’s music industry, including: A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity and record production among others.

The mission of MUBUTV™ is to empower and educate artists about the music industry and create a platform for them on TV online.

MUBUTV™ is building a social media team to become the heart and soul of the network. Our social media team is all about making media more engaging and sociable. You’ll be invested in every aspect of the channel, from the web to mobile.

Candidates should have a passion for social media, constantly curious about new trends and fan interaction and driven to be a part of reinventing the way media is consumed across all platforms worldwide.

The MUBUTV™ Social Media Intern will assist in writing posts for various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs as well as perform research into social media trends among different types of entertainment entities and brands. Our candidate is someone that is already using basic tools on their own (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog etc.) and that has created a presence already for themselves. Someone that possesses a creative side for new ideas on how to further market and brand MUBUTV™ via social media outlets.

You will also be researching and conducting A&R scouting for acts that could potentially become part of our MUBUTV™ Featured Artist video and profile series on the website in the future.


We are looking for anyone from around the globe that has access to an online connection and camera on their computer to work from home!

All interested candidates must be enrolled in and eligible to receive college credit from an accredited college, educational institution or university. Candidates should possess exceptional computer, excellent written and communication skills. Strong familiarity and a working knowledge of social networking sites a must (ie. myspace, facebook, twitter, reverbnation, google+ etc.) Interest in the music industry a MUST! Any other skills you bring to the table are a PLUS! Internships are unpaid and are only for academic credit only. Ability to work approximately 16-25 hours per week, days and times are flexible.

All applicants will be required to submit proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university internship program.

Qualities we are looking for:

Someone that has tons of energy for what they are doing and is always looking for what we can do next.

Someone who is creative, good at coming up with ideas — willing to take an idea and run with it without a lot of micro-managing.

Someone who can think outside-the-box and help brainstorm new ideas.

Knowledge of music and appreciation for the role it plays in popular culture

Passionate curiosity and understanding about social media and the latest industry trends
(interested in doing it for yourself too!)

Strong user on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

Must have an excellent attitude and work well in teams

You should also have an excellent eye for detail, creativity, art and content that will get a response and resonate in our community

Understanding of social media landscape and influencers in key communities

Active on major platforms in the social media space (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.).

Exceptional organizational and follow through skills.

Ability to set and achieve goals

Attention to detail and deadlines

Ability to handle multiple priorities and communities with distributed teams.

Must have excellent communication skills (both oral and written).

Solid Writing Skills

Top-Notch Social Skills



· Manage and update day-to-day social media pages for MUBUTV™ social media properties including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube etc.

· Monitor discussions, posts, comments relevant social media communities

· Curate content from relevant social media and blogs to the MUBUTV™ platforms

· Research trends and breaking content across social media, YouTube and other media outlets

· Research and compile statistics on friends, followers and subscribers across various social media sites and pages

· Respond to fans and interact with community on a daily basis

· Create reports from Twitter and Facebook tracking tools

· Update and maintain spreadsheet on daily and weekly social media statistics

· Assist programming team in creating and collecting content from talent and on set productions

· Compile and organize content across multiple social media pages

· Mail out prizes for giveaways and promotions

· Repost content from tastemakers on other social networks to MUBUTV™ properties

Job Requirements:

Laptop with a built-in camera (Mac or PC is fine) (To be able to communicate during the end of the day to talk about what has been accomplished)

Internet connection (being able to stay in touch with us at all times during your scheduled work times) via IM & video chat. Although you will be able to work from practically anywhere that means you will have to put in the time.

Cell phone

Being able to meet up online via Skype for strategy meetings together once a week or every other week. (Depending on schedules)

Social Networking friendly.

New ideas (no matter how silly you think they may be) we want your input ANYTHING GOES!

Ability to multi-task on several projects at a time.

People Person

Hard worker with excellent work ethic

Strong attention to detail, very organized and high degree of professionalism

Must be detail oriented, team player and technologically savvy

Excellent verbal and written communication skills


A great reference for your future in the music industry.

New way of working. (not making coffee for some executive)

Having a real say and making your ideas count.

Music industry knowledge.

Networking and establishing contacts for your future endeavours.

Working with cool people and bands.

College credit


MUBUTV™ is a new online music industry news themed and original content network that examines several areas of today’s music industry, including: A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity and record production among others. The ultimate goal and objective of MUBUTV is to educate, empower and enlighten the musician and industry professional of the twenty first century.


PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: You must be currently enrolled in a school that has an internship program in which you will receive college credit for. Internships are unpaid and are only for academic credit only. Ability to work approximately 16-25 hours per week, days and times are flexible. All applicants will be required to submit proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university internship program.

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3. How would you target the marketing campaign on the clients specific audience?
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4. Metrics: how will you measure the success of your campaign?
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How passionate are you about connecting with people and building individual relationships?
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How would you handle someone’s negative public response to us as a company or any of our clients?
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What are your strengths?
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What are your weaknesses?
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Do you consider yourself an outgoing person?
Do you like meeting and networking with new people?
Are you good speaking with people over the phone?
Can you multitask several different projects at the same time?
How do you handle pressure situations?
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Can you work well under deadlines and pressure?
What do you want to get out of this internship besides the school credit and recommendation letter ?
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What computer programs do you use and know how to work?
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If you live in the Los Angeles area are you willing to help out at our events?
Are you the type of person that likes to go the extra mile when working on projects?
Are you able to work as a team player?
Do you work well with others on projects? Or would you rather work on them by yourself?
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Are you an organized person?
Are you able to work by yourself without supervision?
Would you like to be your own boss?
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What is your dream job in the industry?
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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
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