Mentor Application: 2018 - 2019 LIF Mentorship Program

The LIF Mentorship Program is designed to guide college upper-classmen or recent graduates through their transition from college to the workforce. Lack of experience along with minimal guidance and an undeveloped professional network can prevent recent graduates from securing an entry level position in the finance industry. The LIF Young Professionals Committee strives to address this challenge by equipping students/recent graduates with the knowledge and preparation to successfully transition into the finance industry.

LIF Mentorship Objectives:

1. To help mentees build a resume that will attract employers
2. To educate mentees on various career paths within finance
3. To help mentees start to build a professional network
4. To coach mentees on career strategy and obtaining a job/internship

Minimum Requirements:
• Have at least 1 year of work experience
• Currently Employed
• Must be able to interact with mentee at least once a month for a year (in person or remotely)
• Must be give their mentee access to their network

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