Elle Woods PR Reader ARC Team Application Form

Apply NOW to be a member of the Elle Woods PR Bend & Snap Reader ARC Team! What are the rules? Keep reading!


1. Apply through this form. SPOTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. You may be selected immediately, at a later date, or not at all.
2. You MUST be able to review books on Amazon. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. You MUST join the team Facebook group once you are selected for the team. You will receive an email regarding this step if you are selected.
4. Books will be provided to you via BookFunnel download invitation. You MUST add @bookfunnel.com and @ellewoodspr.com to your email address book.
5. You DO NOT have to read and review every book you are sent.
6. You MUST download and review a MINIMUM of 2 books per month.
7. You MUST complete the review form for every book you download. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8. L. Woods PR authors use this team at their discretion. You are not guaranteed an ARC from any author simply because you are on this team.
9. Reviews are due on the dates provided in each BookFunnel download invitation.
10. L. Woods PR reserves the right to remove any current team member for any reason and without warning or notice.

You will know if you are accepted into the team when you receive an email invite to join our Bend & Snap Facebook Group.

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Do you understand that you MUST download and review a MINIMUM of 2 books per month? *
Do you understand that you MUST complete the team review form for each book you download? *
Do you understand that you MUST join the team Facebook group? *
Do you understand that by downloading a book as part of this team that it is for your eyes only and that you are not to share, sell, or otherwise distribute the ARC to anyone else? *
We see every person who downloads and each download is marked individually so that we can determine whether a file has been improperly distributed. Should you be found to have shared a file, you understand that you will immediately be removed from the team and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
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