Community-Based Food Distribution Capacity and Needs Assessment
This is a 5-minute survey to help the City of Baltimore better understand the needs and capacities of community organizations distributing food during the COVID-19 crisis. We know that some answers may be estimates and that circumstances are changing every day. Please do your best to give us a snapshot of your organization as it's operating now.

Thank you for all of your invaluable work providing food and other services to Baltimore’s residents!
Organization Name *
Site Address (if none, write 'mobile') *
What types of food are you currently distributing? (Select all that apply) *
Where are you sourcing the food that you're giving away? (Select all that apply)
Are you (select all that apply):
What days and times are you serving food to the public? Please differentiate between pantry and prepared meal distribution days/times. (*If you are also a DHCD summer meal site for youth, please do not list those distributions). *
Do you have any eligibility criteria for receiving food (ex. city residents only, must bring ID, must sign up in advance, must bring own bag, etc.), and, if so, what are they? *
We want to help neighbors in need locate food nearest them. How can we help share information about your food distributions? (Please select all that apply) *
What populations are you serving? (Select all that apply)
If you are keeping track of who accepts your food, please describe what you are tracking (i.e. name, address, age, race, etc). If none, please write 'none'. *
Please list the neighborhoods/communities you are serving. *
How many people are you helping feed each week, on average? (# people/week) *
How many pounds of food are you distributing each week, on average? (# lbs/week)
What safety measures do you already have in place? (Select all that apply) *
What safety measures do you wish you had in place or had more of? (Select all that apply) *
What other resources do you need in order to sustain or expand your operations? (Select all that apply) *
What kind of refrigeration do you have at your site? (Select all that apply) *
Can your site accommodate deliveries from any of the following? (Select all that apply) *
What security procedures does your facility have in place (locks, gates, motion lighting, security cameras, etc)? Please describe. *
If you have storage space at your site and can accept pallets, roughly how many shelf-stable food boxes could you potentially accommodate (beyond what you are already storing)? *
What other services or forms of assistance, if any, are you providing to your community during this time? If none, please write 'none'. *
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Secondary Contact Name, Email, Phone
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