TZM Old Members Feedback Survey
TZM wants to know what issues you've had so we can better develop.
Fill out this survey if you've got feedback for The Zeitgeist Movement.

Also get your friends who've quit or aren't active in the movement to fill it in.
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TZM 2.0
How familiar are you with The Zeitgeist Movement? *
If you are extremely familiar then you should have watched multiple lectures and videos and likely hundreds of hours of content and have participated in the community before.
Not at all familiar
Extremely familiar
How active are you with The Zeitgeist Movement? *
If you are currently extremely active then you are likely on the Discord community, participating in projects or attending / running your chapter events or you are creating your own TZM content.
Not at all Active
Extremely Active
How active have you been with The Zeitgeist Movement? *
What was your peak level of activity in the Movement before? e.g Have you helped organise a Zday event, run a chapter or worked on a project for the movement?
Never Been Active
Was / Are Extremely Active
What Issues have you had with the Zeitgeist Movement, why aren't you a part of it as much anymore? *
You can write more a much more detailed other option in the next question
Are there any further issues you have had with the Zeitgeist Movement or do you have recommendations for fixes?
You can be as detailed as you want to be.
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