Oceanside Community MakerSpace - Survey
Thank you for participating in our survey. The Oceanside Building Learning Together Society and the Oceanside Community MakerSpace bring together inter-generational communities. The MakerSpace mission encourages learning for people of all ages in the Oceanside communities. Our members come from various trades: architects, computer programmers, engineers, designers, inventors and artists as well as people without any particular experience that are interested in learning.

The MakerSpace is located at 133 McMillan Street in Parksville (ground floor of the McMillan Arts Centre building).

We are considering offering a wide variety of hands on courses, workshops and events for children, youth and adults. We want to hear your feedback so we can offer you the courses that you would like to take at MakerSpace. Please complete this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

Oceanside Community Makerspace

A project of Oceanside Building Learning Together

Have you heard of the Oceanside Community MakerSpace?
The following topics are activities, courses, workshops and events we think we could support. Please check all that are of interest to you.
What other types of courses would you like to see offered at the Oceanside Community MakerSpace?
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What other types of activities would you like to be able to participate in at the MakerSpace?
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Would you like to teach a course, lead a group, start a hobby group, assist someone else?
Are you interested in getting involved at Oceanside Community MakerSpace?
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Which community are you associated with
Which age group describes you?
Do you have children in these age groups?
What is your level of education?
What subjects do you have experience and/or skills in?
Would you be interested in volunteering?
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