Bitcoin Public (Round 2)
This Is the official form for our airdrop round 2 of Bitcoin Public token BTP. Please read the rules carefully!
We will be airdropping 40000 BTP to participants and for every referral we give 10000 BTP Token . To participate in the airdrop, please follow these steps:

1. Must Follow BTP Token on Twitter:
2. Must Retweet and Like the pinned Airdrop tweet and tag 10 Freinds:
3. Must Join our Telegram channel:
4. Must Join our Telegram group
5. Fill out the form below!

Website :

We have one request: When you receive BTP in your wallet, please consider tweeting about it, helping us raise awareness for primate endangerment. That would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

We Alreasy listed here on mercatox :
Email address *
The URL of your Twitter account *
Make sure you follow – if not your submission will be disqualified. Note: Our team is handling each individual airdrop claim manually and will be checking Twitter accounts for signs of being bots or throwaway accounts, which could lead to disqualification. In your own interest, please make sure that your account gives the impression of natural use.
Your Telegram Username *
Make sure you joined and Please note: By joining us on Telegram you will be able to participate in our community, get updated on listings, new milestones and developments etc.
Telegram Referral username
Please tell us your ERC20 compatible Ethereum-Address (0x...) *
Please make sure you have an ERC20 compatible wallet and added our token. DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS! Here is the information you need
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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