2023 Blue Ribbon Competitions at the LB County Fair and the Southeastern Farmers Market
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Everyone loves a Winner at the LB County Fair and LB Foodways Summit!
The Blue Ribbon Urban Ag Contest is open to all who grow fruits, veggies, and herbs in the greater Long Beach area on Friday, April 7th.

The Bake-off and Cottage Foods Contest on Sunday, April 9th is open to all small kitchens, batch operations, and small food businesses made in the greater Long Beach area.  

FRUITS, VEGGIES, ROOTS, LEAFY GREENS & BOUQUETS: Whether you're a backyard gardener, community gardener, or urban farmer, anyone can win the blue ribbon or receive recognition as top three in an individual category.  Judging takes place Friday, April 7th at the LB County Fair in the EXPO Arts Center during First Fridays.

BAKED GOODS, JAMS/PRESERVES, SAUCES, PICKLES & FERMENTATIONS: This year we're adding a bake-off and jams/preserves, sauces and fermentation categories which will be judged and awarded at the Marina Farmers Market on Sunday, April 9th.

FOOD ART COMPETITION: This year, we're highlight art about food. Submit your high-resolution photos/images/digital representations of your art to ryan@smolarcorp.com. We will print out the top entries and put them on display at the LB County Fair in the EXPO Arts Center on Friday, April 7th.

*One entry per category
*Up to three categories can be entered per entry form
*Entries for Fruits, Veggies, Roots Leafy Greens & Bouquets must be brought in by the entrant and checked in between 5-6:30pm at the north room of The Expo, 4321 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach California on Friday, April 7th, 2023.
*Entries for Baked Goods and Jams/Preserves/Sauces/Fermentations must be brought in by the entrant and checked in between 10am-11am at the Long Beach Southeast Farmers Market, 6602 E. Marina Dr., Long Beach, California, on Sunday, April 9th, 2023.
*Early entry strongly encouraged, limited walk-ups available.

Notes on Categories:

- With leafy greens and lettuce, consider presenting with a vase and water so they'll stay perky. Mixed displays are okay as well as whole heads.

- Root vegetables get their own category because they can't be beeat. Sorry, couldn't help ourselves.
Seriously, though, root veggies can be displayed as a small bundle, too.

- With vegetables more broadly, please choose a single item to submit rather than a cornucopia.

- Bouquet arrangement is a new category based on popular demand!
It may include a mix of flowers, herbs, flowering fruits and veggies such as strawberries or artichokes.

After submitting your entry, a suggested donation of $20 will be requested to support the mission of Long Beach Fresh. No entries will be denied for lack of funds. Donations also gladly accepted at the event via card, check, or cash.
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Zip code of your home or growing location (for grant-writing purposes)
Please make a donation of $20 or more per entry to support Long Beach Fresh. Link provided here and upon submission. No one is turned away for lack of funds.
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