Survey 2, 2017
My name is Selwyn Arrow, and I have been supporting WinRAR (and RAR) since 1994. As I am about to start producing the WinRAR How To Video Training Course I would really appreciate five minutes of your time to answer these six questions to ensure that I cover your WinRAR requirements in this course.
1. Have you ever tried any more advanced WinRAR functions than those you normally use? If not, can you tell us why?
2. What is the biggest obstacle or struggle that you are currently facing with WinRAR?
3. What are the negative consequences of this struggle?
4. What are your ideal solutions to these problems with WinRAR?
5. What are you wanting to achieve by using WinRAR
6. If you had the chance to ask me one question about WinRAR, what would it be?
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