Art Walk LA 2016 Visitor Survey
Thanks for taking part in this year's Art Walk LA! Your feedback helps make the event better than ever.
Which Art Walk LA are you giving feedback on?
Is this your first time at Art Walk LA?
How did you hear about the event?
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What was your favorite part of this month's Art Walk LA?
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What was your least favorite part of this month's Art Walk LA?
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Is there anything you'd like to see, or see more of, at Art Walk LA?
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Did you make any purchases at this month's Art Walk LA from artists or participating businesses?
Purchases include artwork, gifts, dinner, food, drinks, etc.
If "Yes," about how much did you spend?
How well do you think Art Walk LA contributes to the local community?
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Promotes local arts and culture
Promotes local businesses
Brings people together
Where are you currently from?
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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